Computer Science

Currently, this department is offering an undergraduate programs B.Sc (Comp.Sci.) and B.Sc (I.T.) . Several user oriented programs like are planned to be in place in the next couple of years at undergraduate  level, customized to the needs of the industries. To build a stronger base and bigger groups with complementing talents integrated, it is proposed to develop all areas and all aspects of Computer Science through the expertise and experience of faculty members.

Teaching faculty:

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Thorat D.H. Principal Phd. Msc
2 Mr. Lomte M.S. Vice Principal ,B.ed
3 Mrs. Pardeshi T.G. Lecturer NET, M.phil,,GDC & A
4 Mrs. Borade S.S. Lecturer MCM, Bsc, Msc B.ed
5 Miss. Mane K.G. Lecturer MCA,BCS
6 Mr. Selmohkar H.R. Lecturer MBA(IT),BCS,GDC & A
7 Mr. Kadarkar B.M. Lecturer sci),BCS
8 Mrs. Chopde Kavita Lecturer MCA
9 Mrs. Shinde S.K Lecturer MA(English)


Non Teaching faculty:

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Kanwale S.L. Librarian B.Lib
2 Mr. Kadam V.J. Clerk sci)
3 Mr. Rathod S.S. Peon SSC

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