Principal’s Desk

College of Computer Science and Information Technology (COCSIT) has been operational for the last Five year. We have been trying to provide quality education along with an emphasis on the improvement of communication skill and training in relevant fields.

We intend to redefine education in terms of the imperatives of the 21st century in the triple context of Quality, Ethics and Accountability. We desire to retrofire the stakeholders, namely the students and staff, with reference to their need, aspirations and obligations. This shall spell out each one’s multi-learning, multi-skill and multi-tasking roles as knowledge workers.

We want to restructure our educational experience, both curricular and extracurricular, to be provided at every stage, at all levels, in terms of time frame, contents, activities including teaching evaluating and research. We wish to re-engineer the entire process of interaction covering instruction, testing, remedying, enriching, extension, continuing educational programs, community interface, industry interface and overall management. We will include elements of multimode, multimedia and multi-sourcing to strengthen reprocessing of various tasks and activities.

In order to accomplish all that is said above, we have to be thinking, learning, responding, people-friendly and Technology-savvy organization, we know. And we are determined to be just like that. We appeal all the students joining COCSIT and their parents to support us. We assure to do a lot more, better and better only.


Principal,  Dr. Thorat D.H.

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